22 Sep

In India, Hindi is the best language medium to convey your message to audience in mass. Behind this there are so many reasons as it is a national language and the most commonly spoken language by Indian populations. It covers more than 40% population of India.

Because of these reason Hindi is used by mostly Indian media houses. If we talk about Print media, according to IRS 2010 the top 3 new paper of country print in Hindi and they covers mainly UP, MP, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar and Jharkhand.

If we see there is large population of these states is addicted of Hindi news paper those require it at early morning. That is why the Hindi Print media played a vital role before and as well as after Indian independence. We can guess the power of Hindi print media with the 1974 emergency case; the Prime Minister Indra Gandhi ordered to ban media because people could be more revolutionary. The reason of huge Power of media is its consumers are AAM AADAMI and customers are the Business industries of whole country.

Now in this competitive age it is big responsibility and challenging task for Hindi media to create news headline, it requires the selection of correct Hindi and traditional word for using in headline, because any wrong and improper Hindi word can change the meaning of whole news and may become the reason of loud laughing or any controversy. This kind of mistake can create worldwide an ugly image of Hindi print media because the consumers are also those people whose are migrated from India (NRIs) not only Indian public. Keeping these things in mind media needs to flash breaking news on TV and Internet.

Breaking news has the great power to attract the mass in few moments. It creates the curiosity among the people to know the thing that happened and raise the questions in the consumer’s mind about the news which is flashing on. So it is very challenging to establish a correct communication with the shortest combination of words. As I mentioned above any wrong word can change the meaning of full news and become harmful for media brand. The media has the responsibility to deliver the truth and create awareness about the duties and responsibility towards the culture, society, traditions, customs and Country among the people.

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